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TOTD – K-Wash – La Mierda/Love Me EP

It’s hard to get my head around this two song EP by Dallas based producer K-Wash. The first track ‘La Mierda’ had me dancing in my living room and wishing soundcloud had a ‘wheel that shit’ option.  You can definitely hear Sango’s influence in the track which is no surprise when you see that K-Wash has an EP celebrating his work.

Rihanna is never normally my thing but when she’s flipped right, I can dig it. Similar to MeLo-X’s ‘Girls Love Rihanna’, 19 year old K-Wash takes her Rude Boy tune and makes something new, energetic and overall just damn fun in ‘Love Me’.

Big ups to Top Cat’s for shining the light on him too.

TOTD – HaanSolo – Closer To You (remix)

New Zealand’s HaanSolo released a fantastic flip of StarRo’s ‘Closer To You’ this morning. It’s brings that high energy that I’ve come to expect from a Haan track but he keeps it in check with the piano from the original cut which makes for five minutes of great listening.

Listen to the original here and follow HaanSolo here.

TOTD – Tinyman – Orphan Flow Vol. 5

With certain tracks, you know within the first few seconds of hearing the beat drop whether you’ll like a song or not. That was the case when Tinyman’s ‘Orphan Flow Vol. 5′ came up in my soundcloud feed today. Tinyman takes control of the track immediately with an almost blasé attitude that just works, it’s perfect for the whole track. Sit back and enjoy.

TOTD – TroyBoi x icekream – The Gift

TroyBoi goes from strength to strength with each one of his releases at the moment and ‘The Gift’ offers up a fun sound to perk you up on this Hump Day. It’s the first time in a short while that Troy’s put together a track with his Soundsnobz brother, icekream and I’m glad they’re at it again. They always come up with a fun blend of styles.

Be sure to follow him on soundcloud here, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for him. Keep an eye out for his potential release with Diplo coming soon too.

TOTD – Ta-Ku – Beast Mode feat. Jaden Smith

It was hard to ignore this one. Ta-ku’s music will always interest me, he’s a great producer. When this started playing on my phone and my head began bopping I had to check out who the MC was. I looked at my phone and nearly dropped it from the shock! Jaden Smith? Really? This guy?  No way.

Once I got over that though I restarted ‘Beast Mode’ and was pleasantly surprised. Say what you want about Jaden but for me he killed this song.  Set aside eight minutes for yourself and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.