Soul Rich by 4i

4i and his producer DA teamed up in December to treat the world to their mixtape ‘Soul Rich’. As soon as ‘I Do’ started playing on my Soundcloud account I grabbed my phone to see what else they had to offer and was pleasantly surprised. Soul Rich is a selection of tracks that’s allowed DA to flex his creative muscle and bring…

Honne – All In The Value

Honne are one of my favourite new acts of 2014. Their ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ EP is a great addition to anyones music library. Their sound has been described as a blend of James Blake and Frank Ocean – trust me, that’s not a bad mix at all! Sit back and enjoy Honne’s latest smooth soul influenced track ‘All In The Value’ your ears won’t be disappointed.

Jammz @ Rinse FM x Lord of The Mics

Hackney MC Jammz has been increasing his presence in the grime seen more and more as each week goes by. His Pirate Sessions that he uploads to his soundcloud each week are snippets from sets that he’s been a part of in the last year.

The most recent offering sees him up against Pawz at Rinse FM x Lord of the Mics. Enjoy this clash.

Lord of The Mics 6 is out now on iTunes. Buy it here.

Special Mention – KRNE

Oakland Producer KRNE has uploaded two very different pieces this week.

First up is ‘green green’ it’s packed with good energy right from the very start. Once it eases you into to its rhythm it’s hard not have a smile on your face. It’s just a shame that he’s tagged the song on soundcloud as ‘discarded’.

On a brighter note ‘mood swing’ is a mellow offering that’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon of chilling. Enjoy.

If you like what you’ve heard then be sure to check out his ‘Zero One One EP’ released on a great label, Terrorrhythm.

My Kid and Me by Casey Neistat

I sat down back in June and watched this superb short by New Yorker Casey Neistat. It blew me away to see a story like this told from a parents perspective. I’ve always felt like I can relate to other people about what we think of our parents and how we try to impress them as we grow up but never had the chance to speak to someone on the other side of it.

How do parents cope with the changes that kids take when they go from little people to young adults? Simple. They record their whole life and make a short about it! I kid…but ‘My Kid and Me’ offers a great insight into parenthood that I’ve never been able to see before.


Rosie Lowe – Water Came Down

I don’t know how Rosie Lowe got into the music industry but I’m glad she did. Her ‘Right Thing’ EP has been on repeat for a very long time for me but it left me craving more from her.

This week she wetted the appetites of myself and other fans with ‘Water Came Down’ and it’s what you expect from her, a controlled, sexy and smooth selection of vocals. Take four minutes out of your day and enjoy the video.

Diversa – Mosaics

Inspected have launched a new series featuring free music from Artists that they love. Packed with a bunch of good synths in all the right places Diversa’s offering ‘Mosaics’ sets solid foundations for what Inspected have planned with this new series. Enjoy.