Dear Friend #2: Niran


Dear Niran,

The Brown Beckham, The Epitome of Dench, The One That Moves Many.

Inspirational. Forward Thinker. Leader.

Niran, my friend. You are a special person. I’m glad to call you my friend. I’ve seen your blog and yourself grow over time and mature into something truly great (you are not bloggers!) You serve as a constant reminder to me that if you work hard at your graft and pursue your passions that good things will come your way. I don’t believe there are lucky people in this world. Only ones that work hard and reap the benefits of it. It’s not just pure hard work though, it’s hard work in the right direction. The right work ethic and execution. That’s where success lies and that’s what you’re experiencing now.

Nothing about that is a coincidence.


You even started training in 2013, after a long battle with running you found your passion in the gym, for that I am happy. Of the 20 people worldwide that use Foursquare, you are the Mayor of early morning check-ins at Virgin Active! You have lost over a stone of weight that you probably didn’t even realise was there, slowing you down, making you more tired, making you less efficient. You really took control of your life this year Niran.

Whenever I drop your name in a conversation it’s matched by bright smiles from those I’m speaking with. You are doing all of the right things and it’s great to see that.


The only way for you now is up! Well done for getting where you are today and I look forward to seeing where you’ll be this time next year!


Follow Niran on Twitter and check out his fantastic website РYin n Yang and his Photography blog РThe Outlier.

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