Dear Friend #7: Troy


First of all I have to say congratulations to you my friend.

We’ve known each other for a fair few years now and tonight marks a huge landmark in your life. You’ve been honing your craft since you were 13 and now you’re going to share your story with a heck of a lot of people! It’s exciting, enjoy it Troy – you deserve it.

I don’t think that there’s any lucky people in the world, just people thatĀ believeĀ in what they want and go and get it. You’re one of those people Troy. You’ve worked hard, gone through tough times and came out at the other end with a smile on your face and determination in your eyes which were fixed on your goals that you wanted to achieve.

On top of that, you’ve always been funny and yourself which has helped you attract the right type of people to you.


You’re someone that’s always reminded me to be myself and let the rest come naturally. You’ve motivated me to be better and to go after what I want and I thank you for that.

The last two years have been incredible for you and I know they haven’t been easy but I think it’s fair to say that they paid off. There’s been constant filming and other strains on you but it’s worth it Troy. You didn’t get Channel 4’s fastest commissioned show for no reason!

I am so proud of you Troy, your hard work and passion for what you love has got you to where you are today, I’m already looking forward where you’ll be in five years. You are a credit to your family and have already made them proud in the last 25 years anyway, your show and future success will just add to that thick catalogue of events.


Troy is on TONIGHT at 10pm on E4. Watch it, record it, watch it again and tell your friends. Tweet with the hashtag #TROY.

PS. Well done bro!



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