Dear Friend #6: Sophie

Where do I start with you, Sophie?

I have always been interested in your story, how did this young woman start taking on distance running? Why? Why did she run Marathons? Why did she continue to do it? Why did she even train?


After knowing you for over a year I think I have a better understanding of it all. You Sophie are a determined person. That determination is why you finished your degree with top marks, why you got your dream job and why you continue to improveĀ  physically. You never throw in the towel. I know that days at work get tough but look at where sticking with it has got you. You’re in Dubai! That’s no coincidence. It’s your determination again which is coupled by hard work and precise execution. I hope you’re enjoying your well earned time away from England and that you come back to us an even more confident Sophie (it’s hard to believe that’s even possible!).


Who in their right mind does a Triathlon with a fractured arm? No-one, and that’s why you’re a badass, broken bones will not even hold you back! There’s a picture below which is one of my favourite running related ones of all time. It’s of you and Dayve your partner of 11 years. It kinda knocks most couples’ pictures out of the water too. Not many people can complete their first marathon while holding their loved ones hand looking so great. There’s no pain in your face or even your body. It’s all love. I know that your relationship has some constraints with both of your jobs but seeing you guys together just makes me and many other people happy. Davye makes it easier for you to be Sophie Christabel - The Badass, and that’s a great thing!


There is nothing in this universe that you cannot grasp and I really hope that you know that. You help a hell of a lot of people with your writing, your grit and your determination that we see each week when you run. Keep on getting PB’s, moving up in the world and most importantly, keep on loving yourself.

Good luck in the Dubai Marathon!

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  1. January 25, 2014 at 10:01 am

    An inspiring, uplifting post. Thanks for sharing, Nathaniel.

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