Dear Friend #5: Sorrell

There are not many people twice her age that boast physical achievements like this young lady, I introduce to you, Sorrell Walsh.


Sorrell, you’re one amazing young lady. We really got to know each over in Copenhagen back in September with the rest of the Generator crew and I’m glad we all did it. Every time that I’ve seen you, you’ve had a huge smile on your face. That love and happiness spreads to everyone around you and cheers us all up! Thank you.

I’ve ran a few marathons and I know just how much commitment it takes to achieve what you have in the last couple of years. A 3:35 Marathon, good for age qualification after so much hard work. It’s more than running, it’s major personal growth and trust me Sorrell, you’re moving in the right direction.


Last weekend you did something truly incredible and ran 45 miles in just over eight hours! You did that while dancing, singing, and most importantly, you did it all with a smile on your face. I’ve been lucky enough to talk to you through your crazy training schedule and so proud of you for getting to that start line in one piece! You inspire me and many other people everyday Sorrell, I’m happy to call you a friend, Thank you.


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