Dear Friend #4: Melissa Fehr


Dear Melissa,

Your story is one that gives many people hope and inspires me every time I run. I’ve known you since you first started to come to Run Dem Crew and your progress in the last year alone has been phenomenal. Your hard work in training has not only powered you to faster groups in Run Dem Crew (hello, miss Elite!) but to two incredible marathon experiences in Amsterdam¬†and Copenhagen. A big change happened in your life four years ago and today you stand up to the world a strong woman that gets better everyday.


It’s been no easy journey and I can’t begin to even comprehend what the experience has been like for you but it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and being your friend. You are always available to help others and that’s what helps make the people at Run Dem Crew special. When you run the London Marathon next April I will be there roaring for you at Mile 21 with over 100 people from our crew. Regardless of what time you achieve, you will be a champion on the 13th of April and I can’t wait to see it!


Donate to Melissa’s Marathon page for Anthony Nolan here.

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