Dear Friend #1: Charlie

Welcome to Dear Friend, a weekly segment on the blog where I shower inspirational people with praise and try to spread the word of the everyday heroes in my life that I come across.

 Charlie and medals paris 2011

Dear Charlie,

Charlie, you have taught me so much about what it means to be a good person and how someone should live their life. You are selfless and go out of your way to give your time to others and I can’t stress how important that is. I would need to hire out a football stadium if I tried to fill it with the amount of people that could say “Charlie Dark Changed My Life”.

You’ve helped bring people together to start relationships and even families!

Since we met I have always known that you have time for me and anyone else that needs your help. There’s been many times where I’ve tried to discreetly rush out of 1948 only for you to call me back and make sure that I’m ok. You serve as a constant remind to so many people that there are always others that care about them.

You’ve taken me and hundreds of other people From Sofa to Finish Line and I will always be grateful for that. More importantly though, you’ve shown me what it means to be a man.

Jamie once said that everyone should have a Charlie Dark in their life, he’s right. Thank you Charlie, simply for being you.

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