#RUNHAI – Day 4


Saturday was all about getting some much needed rest ahead of the Half. We had a free morning so I decided to do a bit of shopping and picked up gifts for friends, I popped into a small shop and found something wonderful, Birthday Cake Oreo’s! I also found apple fanta, the less said about that, the better. In the afternoon we were whisked off for a media day and to see an exhibition about running crews from all over the world to celebrate #runhai.


When we entered the media lounge we were greeted by this huge installation with t shirts from crews all over the world that had been swapped with Chop at #bridgethegap events over the last 2 years. The t-shirts to me are like flags, representing areas and worn proudly by crew members. Some crews had also made video’s about who they were to be displayed at the exhibition. Screens were placed on the floor and played in a sequential order of each crews video.


The screens were below a quote which explained what #runhai is about and why crews as a whole are important. We all represent a change in the running society, the people that are slightly different that have found ourselves at home with running together in crews, as one. Running is the least important thing we care about when we all meet. It’s about connecting with new people, new ideas and creating a loving family. Our t-shirts show the world who we are and remind us of our own crews in hard times and never run alone because of that.


After the media lounge and interviews with people from Hypebeast and Milk Mag (to name a few!) all of the crews went for pizza. 50 of us took over this one restaurant! We talked about the trip so far and prepared for tomorrow with chicken wings and pizza!

Upstairs in the media lounge there were some portrait and full length shots from the ‘Let The Run Tell You Why’ campaign and this picture really caught my eye.


Strange, right? I had seen video’s of these people in each Nike store that I had walked through but with my limited mandarin I didn’t know who they were or why they were dressed up in costumes. At first I thought that they were a crew that dress as fruit all day for work and run to work. Then I found this video online when I got back which explained it all.

When they run, they are themselves. It’s strange. Hearing them say that reminded me of ‘The Runners‘ mini documentary that came out a few weeks ago. Even though we’re all different I think that we run for similar reasons, freedom, peace of mind and love. That’s what #runhai is about for me.

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