Look After Yourself

For the last two years I’ve had a small injury which had a big effect on my running. I finally got it seen to a few weeks ago and something that was causing me pain for so long is actually 90% gone now!

I had a corn in the middle of my right foot. It only hurt when I put pressure on it so I simply walked on the side of my feet. I went from being a neutral runner to a Supinator because of this. I ran on the outside of my feet and adapted accordingly. I didn’t realise until now how much of a difference that had on me.

It gave me calf pain that I never had to deal with before and made it so I could only run over 10k in really supportive shoes.

The thing that annoys me most about all of this is that I lived with a problem for two years that could have been fixed by simply getting it checked out. Just because it wasn’t causing me immediate pain doesn’t mean that didn’t have a very big effect on me.


Now I feel like I can run better than I have before, my feet and legs already feel less restricted. I’ve been crushing my runs, nothing is holding me back now. Who knows what my races would have been like if I got this checked out sooner?

I get my first taste of pain free (to an extent!) running Sunday when I lace up to run the Ealing Half Marathon. I’ve got high hopes for it.

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