I Do Not Run by Lina Caicedo

The determined Lina Caicedo has put together a truly wonderful short film that seeks to capture the essence of what Run Dem Crew is over 20 emotional minutes and I think it’s fair to say that she succeeded in doing that.

What she had to do was no easy feat, this film has taken more than a year to make and Lina herself had no previous experience with using Camera’s or editing software, she just knew what she wanted to create.

If you were to ask any of Run Dem Crew’s 200 members why the crew is important to them and to explain their answer in less than an hour it would be impossible but Lina over the course of a year has seemed to have found that kind-of-concise answer.

I myself can go on and on to say why I run with Run Dem Crew but I’ll let her video do the talking. Sit back and enjoy the next 20 minutes, it’s a gift from Lina to the world and I think the world should be thankful!

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