Life experiences


Coming Through The Light

With London Marathon approaching this weekend, I’ve been taking a look back at the past few years of my life and wanted to share how I’m feeling right now. Last night I watched this video that my friend Orsi filmed. It helped to remind me of some really good times that I get to revisit this weekend. After that I…

My Kid and Me by Casey Neistat

I sat down back in June and watched this superb short by New Yorker Casey Neistat. It blew me away to see a story like this told from a parents perspective. I’ve always felt like I can relate to other people about what we think of our parents and how we try to impress them as we grow up but never had the chance to speak to someone on the other side of it.

How do parents cope with the changes that kids take when they go from little people to young adults? Simple. They record their whole life and make a short about it! I kid…but ‘My Kid and Me’ offers a great insight into parenthood that I’ve never been able to see before.



A Grand Don’t Come For Free

In the last couple of years I have come quite close to running 1,000 miles for the year but fell short each time. Last year I ran 954 and barely tried to reach the milestone of 1,000 towards the end of the year. I didn’t believe in myself and subsequently failed. That negative lifestyle grew more and more into the…


#RUNHAI – Day 4

Saturday was all about getting some much needed rest ahead of the Half. We had a free morning so I decided to do a bit of shopping and picked up gifts for friends, I popped into a small shop and found something wonderful, Birthday Cake Oreo’s! I also found apple fanta, the less said about that, the better. In the…